Steel fastening Inoks 2 - 30 x 15 mm

Steel fastening Inoks 2 - 30 x 15 mm

We propose steel fastenings not empty inside, not from corian etc. )


Steel fastening 30 x 15 mm diameter of the front

Distance from the wall 25 mm + 5 mm screwed in pin.

We drill a hole in plexi , glass . The hole's diameter is 8 mm.

Thickness of glass, plexi - from 2 mm to 14 mm.

We match the widening pin depending on the facade 


Our steel fastenings are of a really good quality and they have a very low price comparing to similar products that type that are available on our market.

Steel fastenings used to signboards, advertisements, glass, pcv, plexi, steel grips, fastenings to signboards, steel fastenings used to fasten adverisings, steel sleeves- We can send all of it to you the day following your purchase using DHL or UPS messanger as well as by Polish Post


We accept orders that are over 25 € ( 100 zł ) .

If you are interested in further purchases of these products, we are open to make collaborations.At your first order you will receive a stand with the samples of our steel fastenings.

SENDING TO COUNTRIES OF EUROPEAN UNION- NET PRICE Place an order by mail. We will send an invoice to pay without the VAT tax.
Nazwa: Steel fastening Inoks 2 - 30 x 15 mm
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Ilość w opakowaniu: 100
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